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Related post: Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 15:16:07 +0000 From: Fred Frackett Subject: Ouuu Honey 3 in TransGender/TVHi All.. this is Jan. I just wanted to add a disclaimer for all of my stories. These are all 100% fictional. No one, living or dead, resembles or is related to my characters. All characters are of legal adult age or older. No character is forced to do anything he or she does not cravenly want to do. These are intended solely for adults for adult pleasures. The stories are not necessarily cohesive, the intent is not serious fiction, it's erotic stimulation resulting in gushing orgasms, hopefully! Let me know if I accomplished that goal! I welcum all correspondences and further discussions, suggestions and complaints that will bring both of us off! You can fat naked preteens contact me either at: or fracketthotmail.complease visit my other series at:/nifty/transgender/tv/memories/ /nifty/transgender/tv/panty/Thank you! Jan SluttOuuu Honey III: "unhghh..." Jim groaned, his hand flying up and down his cock, suddenly ejaculating load after load of hot semen all over his chest and nipples! It always felt good. Very good! There actually was no other feeling quite like it, except if someone did it for him... ohhhh yeahhh... he thought back..."Mmmmmm..." Jimmy moaned, his brother standing over him, his brother's hand slowly rubbing his bottom. Jimmy peeked up at him and watched as his brother's other hand slowly slid up and down his fat cock. Jimmy rolled over and Mark put his hand on Jimmy's cock, squeezing it."Want me to play with it?" Mark sighed, his fingers encircling it's girth."Ohhh yeah bro.. ohhh thai preteens nude fuck yeah, it feels so fucking good.." Jimmy shuddered, arching his hips as he brother started masturbating him. russian dolls preteen "Soo fucking good.. don't fucking stop..." and his hips involuntarily started pumping erotic preteen porn up and down to his brother's stroking."Here.. raise up a little.." Mark moaned, holding his cock out. Oh fuck, his brother wanted him to suck his fucking cock! He bent forward, smelling the hot man-smell of his brother's groin. It turned him on. He opened his mouth as his brother shoved his cock inside and he started sucking it! Wow, what a rush! His brother pushed him over on the bed, laying down with him, and 69'd, sucking his cock for him! Jimmy preteen noi nude couldn't stand it.. his cum just started flowing out of his cock in hot, thick streams, flooding his brother's mouth who was unfazed by it.. he preteen virgins tgp swallowed it all with ease! Suddenly he stiffened; Jimmy felt his brother's cock get super hard, then suddenly shot gob after preteen pretty girls gob of hot, steamy cum on his tongue! He lapped and swallowed as fast as he could, and his cum kept cumming.. load after load until finally spent! Jimmy did a pretty good job eating it, a little came out his lips but most went right down his throat!"Oohhh my fucking hallehluyah boat!" Mark groaned. "That was fucking good! Did you like it, bro?" he smiled weakly at him."Ohh fuck yess.. it was fucking hot!" Jimmy groaned, gasping for breath."You got a cumcloth under your bed? I keep one permenantly under mine, Mom even washes it and puts it ba... what the fuck?" Mark gasped, pulling out a handful of things... things like bras, panties, garterbelts and so on from deep under the bed. "So that's where her black lacy garterbelt went to! I was looking all thru her draw.. er... well, yesterday.. see.. ahhhh..." Mark started stuttering..."Oh shit, gimme that, I was gonna put it away after you left.. dammit!" Jimmy groaned, swearing more at himself than at his brother. Why'd he have to find that stuff? Now he'd be embarrassed as all hell and Mark would lord it over him.. shit!"What you really mean is that after I leave, you'll dress up in this and get off, then put it back, right?" Mark said, smiling. "You're a little panty-boy, aren't ya?""Oh fuck, don't tell mom or dad or anyone else, australian preteen models please? Um... but.. why were you looking for it? How'd you even know about it? You DID say you were looking for that garterbelt, didn't you?"Jimmy said slyly, going from defense to offense! "You like wearing this stuff too?" Jimmy half-asked and half-accused. Jimmy looked down at his brother's lap. His brother's hardon had returned, stiff and strong, as he sat there on the bed fingering the sexy lace! "Mmmmmm I can see you do like it... wanna play together?" Jimmy added softly, taking a pair of soft, sexy panties and slowly dragging them across is brother's stiff cock! Mark changed in an instant from preteen models desnudas the accusor to the whore! "Oouuu Honey... I like that.. here, rub my balls with those hot, sexy panties, baby.. wanna put them on?" he groaned, melting into Jimmy's embrace. They looked longingly into each others' eyes, then sealed their secret between them with a long, hot sexy kiss while slowly pulling panties on, snapping bras and garterbelts on each other, kissing up each other's legs as they rolled stockings up them..., snapping garters on each other.Jimmy almost whispered, "Wanna put on makeup too? I love eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick.. or is that too weird for you?""Ouu baby, so do I, and mom's perfume she has hidden.. just a tiny shot is all you need..." he giggled."Where? hidden? forbidden preteens Really?" Jimmy groaned, following him into their bedroom."Yeah, here.. behind this book.." and the book preteen boy pussy fell to the floor."Oh shit!" and they looked as it fell preteen girlsex 75 open.. inside were hundreds of pictures! nudists young preteen Hot sex pictures.. hot sex pictures of their parents... nu preteen models with others... their dad in drag with other men in drag, kissing, dancing.. sucking and fucking!"Oh shit bro.. looks like this is in our genes anyways!" Mark laughed, suddenly tossing the pics down. "C'mere baby... let's practice some of those positions!" he groaned, getting on his stocking'd knees, his lips traveling up and down his brother's thick, leaking cock in his panties!"Ohhh fucking yeah, sweetie! Mmmmm that feels so fucking good... ouu honey.. ouu yeah..." Jimmy groaned, humping his crotch into his brother's licking and sucking mouth! Mark pulled him up by his penis, blueteen pre teen then the two got into high heels and led each other by their cocks downstairs. Mark stopped at the kitchen counter, spreading his long, sexy legs, sticking his ass out and waggling it back and forth. "Wanna be little lesbian sluts with each other, honey?" looking back over his shoulder at his brother's sexy form. "C'mere and hug me.. and other things..." Mark whispered huskily as their tongues met once again, thrills shooting through each other like preteen saxy lightning bolts! preteenboys tgp Jimmy ground his pantied cock into his brother's panty ass, their stockings and garters rubbing sexily together, his fingers preteens angels nymphets sliding up his brother's torso and slipping under his bra to tweak his nipples while he nuzzled his brother's neck! "You mean like this?" he giggled."Ouuuu fuck yes honey!" Mark groaned, his cock throbbing now, his panties soaked in precum! He'd dressed by himself for years, but never thought his brother was into the same thing! And he was! He felt Jimmy pull his cock out porn ass preteen of his panties and masturbate it for him, he was in ecstacy! preteen family porn He reached back and gripped his brother's cock and did the same to him! Mark groaned, "Jimmy.. fuck me honey.. please oh please.. I've fucked my ass with cucumbers and carrots.. but I need your hard fucking cock in it.. right now!" he exclaimed! He lined up the head of his cock with his asshole, rubbing the head on his sphincster, feeling his precum leaking and smearing on his hole. "Mmmmmmm!" he moaned and bent forward so he could guide his brother's hard fucking cock up his virgin ass!"Wait.. not here.. up in the bedroom.. on the bed.. on all fours... like we were real lovers...!" Jimmy giggled."If you fuck me in the ass, honey, we will be real lovers!" Mark laughed, the two scampering upstairs, Mark getting on all fours on the bed, guiding Jimmy's hard cock sticking out of his panties to his ass.."Oh yeah, I'd love to fuck you baby, if you'll fuck me too, ok?" Jimmy groaned, pushing into him. "Lemme in, baby.." he groaned, suddenly feeling the head of his cock enter his brother's ass! He pushed and felt it slide up his asshole, damn it was so fucking hot! "Ouuuu yeah honey... your ass is hot!" and slowly started fucking his brother, letting him preteen boylove get used to it."Uhhghgg.. oh cp lola preteen fuck yeah.. your cock is so fucking big in my ass... do it faster.. go ahead, I can fucking take it sweetie.. fuck me baby!" Mark groaned, starting to feel the intensity of getting fucked! It was so much better than veggies! "Cum inside me... please... make me a whore.." he moaned, his fantasies taking off! Jimmy rammed his brother's asshole, luxuriating in their panties and stockings and garterbelts rubbing together! He couldn't believe how hot and sexy fucking his brother's ass was!"Mark.. I'm gonna cum, honey.. I can't help it, your ass is so fucking hot and tight... ughhh... oh fuck yeah...!" Jimmy groaned, pumping his seed deep inside him! He kept it inside him until he went soft and slipped out. Then, he went for kinky and got down on his knees and stuck his tongue up his brother's well-fucked ass! His hole was still gaping preteen lol pix and he easily started capturing his own cum leaking from his asshole, licking and tongueing him intensely!"Ohh fuck bro.. oh fuck yeah! Oh your hot, horny fucker, eat my fucking asshole, baby! Lick all that cum from my ass, honey! Ouuu honey, you're getting me fucking hard again!" Mark groaned, his cock springing up hard as a rock!"Mmmmmmm good baby.. now fuck me .. please oh please, drive that hard fucking cock up my fucking ass now!" Jimmy groaned, turning around on all fours, waving his ass at goth preteen pics his brother! "OH FUCKING WOW!" he grunted as his brother assaulted his ass, not loosening or playing with it at all.. he just rammed his fuckpole right up his hole! "FUCK ME HARD SWEETIE!"Robert entered the house just as he heard, "OH FUCKING WOW! FUCK ME HARD SWEETIE!", stopping him from slamming the door. It was Jimmy! Then he heard right after it, "Oh fuck you're tight, baby!"... Mark's voice! He crept up the stairs, his mind boggled.. his sons fucking? His x young preteen cock suddenly sprung to life.. like he and his brothers did! He could feel preteen upskirt photos his panties filling up! preteen modles photos He peeked into the bedroom to see one son's ass pounding into the other son's hole! He unzipped his pants and let his panties barely constrain his throbbing cock, then fished it out of the sexy, gauzy material and started stroking it while peeking around the corner at them! "Oohhh fuck..." he moaned and stepped into the room, his hand pumping on his cock, his pants down showing his panties, garterbelt and stockings underneath!"Oh daddy...!" Jimmy groaned, staring at him as he pumped his hard cock; Mark groaned, "Do you want us to stop?" and paused.. "Oh hell no.. fuck like rabbits boys! Me and my brothers did too.. still fucking do... ohhhh fuck!" he moaned..."Daddy.. c'mere with that.. I wanna suck your fucking hard cock, daddy!" Jimmy groaned, his ass being pounded hard again."Ohhh yeah.. oh fucking yeah.. suck my cock.. my own son.. ohhhh fuck! Suck my cock baby!" Robert groaned, stepping up to his bent-over frame, his mouth right at cock-level!Jimmy slurped his daddy's cock eagerly into his mouth, sucking rapidly up and down it, bringing him pleasure! It turned on Mark so much watching his daddy feeding his hard fucking cock into Jimmy's mouth he started cumming in Jimmy's ass, flooding it! "Oh fuck honey.. you're cumming in my ass, baby! Oh fuck yeah!" Jimmy groaned, then returned to his daddy's cock. Robert heard that, shuddered, and came down Jimmy's hot cocksucking throat! Robert shook like crazy, then muttered, "I wanna eat your cum from his ass, Mark.. lemme eat it please!" and slowly pushed Jimmy down on his back, raising his legs.. "Mmmmm.. oh fuck yeah.. so fucking good!" and started tonguing his son's dripping ass while Mark slipped Jimmy's cock between his lips!"Awwwfuckkk..." Jimmy groaned, his ass getting tonguefucked by his dad, his cock being sucked by his brother.. he spewed cum into his brother's mouth like a fucking fountain!They all collapsed, crawling on each other, kissing madly, tonguing their dad's preteens stories mouth, licking wet cocks, playing with each others' balls.. giggling like little schoolgirls! "Daddy.. when did you start.. um, dressing.. cocksucking.." the boys asked."Before your ages... my daddy showed me and my brothers.. we'd all play together...still do.." he sighed.."Yeah, we saw some pictures.. you.. others, mommy.. ""That was on sexy preteen our trip back home naked preteen modles recently.. we had such fun! Those were my two brothers and my dad fucking us silly.. dad loved fucking mommy's ass and mommy loved dad's preteen ru model cock in her! She got off watching us guys drag it up in lingerie.. she was amazed at how well we could do each other's makeup! It was such fun... and now, we can take you germany preteens topless boys with us..." he sighed happily! "That would be fun... you're getting hard again... let me suck it for you.." Jimmy groaned, taking his dad's cock in his mouth. "Ouuu Honey.. yesss... please!" he groaned just as he turned to see Mark press his cock to his lips! Then he swung around and captured Jimmy's cock so they were in a hot cocksucking daisy chain,,,,,"Ohh fuck.. I'm fucking hard again.. memories.. so wonderful.."Jim moaned, his hand starting to stroke his cock again! He closed his eyes, remembering his dad's soft lips on his cock... "Daddy.. what are you doing?" Jeff said, standing there with his twin brother, coming back unexpectedly from their tennis match. "Oh fuck sons.. jerking off.. fuck.. sorry.." Jim said lamely, pulling his panties back up, his cock leaking like crazy in them. "Oh daddy, don't be sorry... ! We sure aren't..." and Jeff and John were rubbing each other's backs and backsides, activities for preteens their asses rotating on their probing fingers... "We turned around and had to cum back because John forgot to bring extra balls... and we found you playing with your balls in your hot sexy panties.." Jeff groaned as John slid his hand up and down Jeff's preteen sisters kidnapping cock in his shorts! "We like to play with each other's... wanna see us?" he groaned, returning the feel to his brother's shorts, but unzipping them and fishing inside... he was wearing panties too!"Mmmmmmm...." Jim said, watching them. "Yessss... my panty boys!" he giggled as their shorts dropped; Jeff with a pink thong and John with black lace bikinis! "Mommy's?" he asked."Um, no... someone we met.. you know um, her.. from the bank.. the tall black woman?" Jeff groaned as John stroked his penis."Olivia.. yes, she's a loan officer.. we went to see her about your first college loans.. how'd you get her panties?" Jim said, his cock throbbing."Well, when we went to see her this year... John dropped all his papers and they went under the desk.. before she could react he got under there and was scooping them up as she slowly parted her legs.. showing him her panties...they were crotchless.. she was feeling naughty that morning she said afterwards.. and her big cock was at full tilt sticking out of her panties!" Jeff laughed as John nodded while sucking his cock. John reached out to his dad and engulfed his cock with his big hand, stroking him..."OMG, you mean she is a guy???" Jim said in shock, his cock getting as hard as steel as John played with him. He couldn't believe it.. she dressed and acted so .. so.. preteen models sexy straight! John left his brother's littlegirls preteen model cock and engulfed his dad's... Jim just groaned and leaned back, thoroughly enjoying the hot blowjob his son was giving him!"Yes.. we went home with her that night.. and fucked and sucked like crazy for the entire weekend.. she gave us some of her old panties to wear.. they feel so sexy.. here, feel.." Jeff said enticingly, stepping up to his dad right at face level."Oh yes... so fucking nice... oh fuck yes.. you are so hard.. maybe I should.. suck it..." Jim groaned, then leaned foward and captured his dripping cock between his lips,"Ohhh fuck daddy.. oh fucking wow!" Jeff groaned, his brother sucking his dad's cock while his dad sucked his! He reached down and felt his brother's cock and drew it to his lips, the three now in a daisy chain of cocksucking! Jim had deja vu and remembered him and Mark sucking his dad and started cumming down John's hot cocksucking throat just little preteen video as Jeff started cumming in his and John flooded his brother's mouth! They all licked and swallowed then passionately kissed each other, sharing the remnants of each others' cum in their mouths! Jeff moaned, "Oh fuck daddy, we're kissing like little fucking sluts, baby!" "That's because we are.. oh yes.. we are certainly little sluts, honey! er, excuse me, honeys!" and pulled both John and Jeff to him, his mind aleady reeling.. he needed to go to the bank!"Ohhh Pattie.. you're making it feel so fucking good..!" Pat groaned, laying on the bed as his sister's fingers caressed preteen kid nude his hardon! They'd been playing this game for a couple years, enticing each other, but tonight it was going to go further, they both knew it! As twins they shared everything, especially themselves!"Do you like my panties, baby?" she moaned, dragging a flimsy pair across his cock and balls, watching them jump as she did it! "It looks nudity preteen public like you do... wanna try them on?" she cooed, enticingly on her knees, her big tits bulging out her camisole top, the flimsy material barely hiding her lust-swollen nipples! "Here, raise up.." she cooed, slipping them up his legs and pulling them over his ass, encasing his cock in their delicate manifestations!"Ouuu they look so good on you! How about some stockings and a garterbelt too? We can dress up together like sisters!" she giggled, turned on by the thought! "Here, let me fasten this around your waist... then roll up stockings up your sexy legs.. I see you shave them!" she moaned, feeling the silky smoothness.. he loved pampering himself! "Now a bra.. I'll stuff it with old stockings.. mmmm brother you've got nice titties!" she giggled, hefting them like they were real! She slipped her fingers under his bra and tweaked his nipples... ouu yeah.. he jumped as she pinched them, more in pleasure than in pain! Precum oozed out his cock into his panties... she flicked her finger across his leaking cock preteen blow job and sucked it in her mouth... "Ouuu Honey.. I love your dew!" she moaned! "C'mon, get up... into high heels and then makeup! We'll be regular little sluts!" she moaned, her cunt dripping from all the sexcitement! She put on slut red lipstick then painted his lips, cupping his face and gently kissing him.. she was actually kissing her brother and loved it!"Ouuuu sis... it is so fucking exciting!" he moaned, never realizing what a fucking slut he was until then! He sat super still while she did his eyes, face and mouth perfectly.. he looked like such a hot sexy tramp! She got a pair of high heels and it fit him, their sizes almost perfectly matching, and she sweet preteen model cupped his penis in his panties, gripping it and pulling him by it as they wove through the house, touching, teasing and tantalizing each other! He watched as she scooped her big jiggling tits out of her bra and let him feel them, sucking on their huge areolas, flicking his tongue on her hard, eraser-like nipples! She loved getting them bitten too!Pattie stood in the kitchen, slowly tantalizing his cock in his panties while they passionately kissed, then bent down and galeries nudes preteens lifted his bra and tonguelashed his nipples, going down further, rimming his belly button, tonguing his abs, pulling his cock out of his panties and stroking it, then muttered, "I've never done this before but I've always wanted to.. you'll be my first blowjob, brother!" and sucked his cock into her mouth!Pat stood there, shaking as she sucked on it, his mind reeling! He laughed to himself, it was her first blowjob.. he'd given dozens of them himself to the entire soccer team he belonged to! He was their resident cocksucker, always willing to get any of them off at a moment's notice!Speaking of which, it was right at that exact moment when there was a quick knock and the door flew open! "Hey Pat buddy.. got ti... oh fuck!" his buddy Jan burst in, nn preteen xxx holding his crotch in anticipation of getting Pat to suck his cock! ".. uhh.. time to suck my cock like your sister's sucking yours?" he grinned. "Wow, what fucking outfits! I thought I was the only one who liked putting on sexy shit!" and dropped his jeans, showing his panties, stockings and garterbelt! "I thought I'd wear this over preteen nudity x to show you and maybe get you to play.. wow! You already are!" Jan groaned, pulling his cock out of his panties and stroking himself!Pattie abruptly stopped sucking her brother, but was stunned by the words she nudist preteen nude heard that her brother was already an experienced cocksucker! Still holding his cock, she looked up at him and groaned, "You suck others' cocks?" and he nodded, "Yes, I have for several years... does it shock you?""Um, no.. I lick other girls' pussies so who am I to judge?" she smiled, something he didn't know about her!"So you wanna suck both of ours?" Jan grinned, holding his cock out to her."Yes! Let me try it!" she giggled, holding both her brother's cock and his cocksucking best friend's cock and taking turns sucking one, then the other. While she sucked them they melted into each other kissing and tonguing each others' mouths! "Ok, that's enough cocksucking for me.. it's time to watch!" she laughed, getting off her knees. "I wanna see the two of you do it.. show me what great cocksuckers you both are!" she giggled, sitting on the couch, spreading her legs and fingering herself. She watched intently as her brother slithered down Jan's thighs and softly took his cock between his lips and slowly sucked on it, Jan groaning, then observing Jan wriggling around to hover above her brother's thick, stiff cock and gobble it into his own mouth, the two 69'ing each other!"Ohhh fuck yeah...!" she moaned, then scampered into the kitchen, getting a cucumber out of the fridge. She shivered as she started fucking herself with it, it was so delicately chilled! She picked up her cell phone and snapped a pic of them on the floor and sent it by text to her girlfriend Julie.. "Cum over and play!" she typed and hit send! Moments later there was a soft knock on the door and she let her lover inside, the two embracing and smothering each other with kisses! She led her into the livingroom, shedding her clothes for her and sat on the couch, spreading her legs so Julie could lick her hot, dripping cunt while they both watched the guys sucking each other and fingering each others' assholes!"Ughhh..." Jan groaned and started pumping his semen down Pat's throat just as Pat unloaded his sperm into his!"Oh fuck yeah, guys.. naked preteens art let's see the cum.. let it run down your faces!" Pattie directed!"I'll show you more than that!" Jan grinned. He laid there and piss started coming out his cock! Pat quickly captured it and started drinking his friend's piss!"Oh fuck brother, you drinking it?"He nodded then nodded down.. his cock started pissing too! Jan felt the wetness and quickly captured his friend's cock also!"Wow, pissing 69-style!" Pattie groaned, pulling Julie's face deep into her cunt, groaning and bucking as she ate her out! Pattie quickly reversed and the two of them 69'd too, tonguing and licking each preteen russian angel others' pussies like mad until they orgasmed, watching the boys cum in each others' mouths too!"Ohhh fuck... let's rest preteen russian fucked a bit, ok?" Pat moaned, his cock limp. "Yeah.. " Jan sighed. But he was eyeing the way Julie's tits hung down as she tongued Pattie's nipples..."Ok, but I see Jan stirring a bit.. why not lay back and watch a porno and see if that gets us back in the mood?" Pattie grinned, her fingers toying thru Julie's cunt hair, then reaching for Jan's soft cock, tickling it."Ouuu yes, rest would be good..." he sighed, his hands wandering up nude preteens cuties Julie to fondle her russian preteen modls tits he'd admired while Pat tickled his balls and spread his sisters' pussy lips!Meanwhile, Pat and Pattie's dad was engaging in a little different play..."Go ahead.. oh fucking please.. go ahead Mikey.." Ron pleaded, waggling his ass at his dad."You want me to fuck your hottie ass, honey? With my big fucking cock sticking out of my fucking panties?" Mike moaned, stroking his thick cock enticingly!"Ouu Honey.. oh yes, please! Fuck me hard baby!" Ron groaned."Here, let me guide you in.." and reached behind him to softly tug on his dad's hard cock! They'd been reinacting this scenario for years, but it was always like it was their first time every time they did it!Mike slowly pushed the head of his cock into his son's ass, remembering the first time he ever fucked him... his son was home for the weekend from college and they'd gotten drunk together, and Ron confessed to his dad that all the time he'd been gone to college he and his roomate dressed up and sucked and fucked each other instead of dating girls. Mike's cock immediately got hard as a rock hearing 'dressing' and 'fucking' and 'sucking' - all the kinky things he loved to do clandestinely! He moaned and spread his legs wide open and his son fondled him, then kissed down his belly and undid his shorts to discover his dad had on frilly bikini panties with a huge wetspot right over the head of his hard cock! He slipped his cock out of his panties and slowly mouthed it, sucking it down preteens models legal his throat and hearing his dad moan and buck and shudder, it was the most satisfying feeling he'd ever had knowing he was pleasing his father!"Ohhh fuck, son.. you're such a good cocksucker! You're as good as my friends are!" he groaned. "I'm gonna cum down your fucking throat, son... awhhh.. ouuuu.. honey!" he exclaimed, pumping his hot seed into his son's gulping mouth!As they rested for a moment, Ron played with his dad's cock, kissing it, then sucking on his balls, getting more agressive and fingering his asshole. He looked up at his dad and smiled, then told him to slither down in the chair and raise his legs. 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Please, tell meeee.." he grinned, playing with his father's balls idly."Well, the first guy you probably preteen babes photos don't know.. his name is Harold and he owns a construction business. I met him in a bar and we went out to his van and it started out as a mutual jerkoff session, but when he lowered his pants and showed me his panties, I knew I needed to get a huge mouthful of his hard cock! Mmmmm.. that's feeling nice!" Mike groaned. "But, he wanted another to join us so he could get a cock in his mouth and his ass, so..." Mike grinned. "Someone else I'd been naked lola preteen kidding around with was Peter, the bank president. We both belonged to a fishing club and had talked about going on a private fishing trip.. real private... well, I called him and he came to the bar, parked next to the van and we let him in. I'd already warned him we'd be in drag, so he was prepared, entering the van and immediately letting us strip him. He was a passive slut and loved being told what to do.. well, it didn't take much to tell him to get hard and let us guide his cock to our mouths and assholes! Ouuu Honey.. that's feeling real nice!" Mike moaned, as his son started fingering his asshole!"Am I getting you hard, daddy? Is it making your cock feel good?" Ron grinned, preteen girls smoking bending down and tonguing his dad's asshole for him, his hand slowly going up and down his hard fucking cock, his fingers massaging it!"Ouuu baby it's hard, honey! You wanna sit on it? You wanna sit on daddy's big hard fucking cock?" Mike groaned, then lifted his son up on his lap. "Here, let me guide you.. Ohhh fuck yesss..." Mike gasped as he felt his son's asshole capture the head his cock as he lowered him on it, impaling him with it!"Ouuu Honey.. that feels so fucking good!" Mike moaned. "Raise your arms..." and Mike started sliding him up and down his shaft! "Ouuu fuck me daddy.. fuck me good..!" Ron moaned, whoring out his asshole to his father's lust! "Mmmmmm.. lemme do it.. wanna make you cum up my ass... like me to pinch your nipples?" he groaned, pushing his dad's bra up to access his turgid tips, twisting on them!"Uhghhh.. oh fuck son.. oh fucking wow.. damn that feels so fucking good!" Mike groaned, then reached down in his son's panties and played with his cock! preteen naked galleries "I'll make you cum if you make me cum!" he gushed and started beating him off!"Oh fuck daddy that feels so good! Fuck my cock preteen nude modes with your fist, daddy! OUuu Honey!" he moaned, lost in lust! Suddenly his cock started gushing cum, filling his dad's hand! "Ouuu yessssssss..." he sighed, each shot of cum tightening his asshole around his dad's thrusting cock, milking it!"Son.. oh son.. you're gonna make me.. ouuu yummm.." Mike groaned, bringing his cum-filled hand to his face, smearing and licking his son's cum into his mouth! 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Ron groaned, the two hugging passionately, knowing full well this was just the start of a long and happy sexual bonding!...."Ouuu honey...!" Ron groaned as his dad pounded youngest preteen girls him, he too reminiscing on the past! He wondered at that moment what his son and daughter could be doing home alone... when he got his dad's load inside him he knew he'd go home to see!"I came, son.. it wasn't movie preteen porn much.. but I came!" Mike said proudly. His age was showing.. he couldn't cum like he was 20 any more, but he preteens galleries bbs still could cum!"That's wonderful daddy.. I'm so glad I could make you cum! Gotta run tho.. kids home alone.. " Ron smiled."Yeah, get home and make sure they don't do anything we wouldn't do, lol!" Mike laughed, wiping his cock off as his son pulled his panties up and straightened his stockings! "Gotta stop at the bank on the way home too.. got an appointment to get them new cars.. love you, daddy.. can we do this again.. soon?" Ron grinned, hugging him."Of course, son.. you know that.. any time.. any time at free shameless preteens all!" Mike moaned, loving it!"My kids were in here getting their student loans lined up with one of your bankers... I think her name is Olivia, she's a loan officer?" Jim said as deadpan as possible to the teller."Yes, Olivia is one of our officers, would underage preteens xxx you like to speak to her?" Jason said, trying hard not to smile. He'd preteen angels movies just sucked off Olivia that morning before the bank opened, the two meeting there early before anyone else got there!"Yes, if possible, I wanted to firm up .. um, their loans.." Jim grinned, knowing what he really wanted to firm up!"Certainly, she's just finishing hot cute preteen with a client right now, go ahead and go in!" as Jason saw her door open.."Now Mr. Jenkins.. be sure to check back with me in a week, ok?" she said sweetly, holding the door open for him. He was slightly red-face."Uh yeah, sure will!" he grinned as he walked out and Jim walked in, and winked at Jim! Jim got a little tingle from the wink!"Hi, I'm Olivia, and you're..?" Olivia said, holding out her long, slender fingers."Jim.. you know my boys, Jeff and John, they came to you for their college loans this year? Remember, we were here together 3 years ago?" Jim smiled, his cock already getting hard!"Oh yes, ... Jim! Now I remember.. such nice boys.. very accomodating.. " she smiled, but her smile waned.. she wondered where perfect preteen tits this was going.. she knew what she did with those boys and suddenly got scared their dad found out! Oh fuck.. she saw herself getting arrested, hands in handcuffs, being led out of the bank in shame.. why the fuck did she preteen photo archives get off with those two? They were definitely legal age... but now their dad was there.. and he had a funny look on his face.. he knew.. dammit! he fucking KNEW! SHIT!"Um, well, I wanted to stop by and thank you SOOO much for helping them.. and.. for these..." Jim grinned, pulling two pair of panties out from his pocket, laying them on the desk.Oh fuck... he knew..! Olivia went limp, flopping down in her chair, the wind knocked out of her! FUCK!"Um... well... I don't understand.." she stuttered. Should she just deny everything?"Honey, they told me all about it while one was fucking my mouth and the other was fucking my ass while they wore your panties... well I went out and bought them plenty, so I just wanted to return your's and thank you and find out when I can see what's inside your panties... is your office private?" Jim said in almost a whisper, leaning forward!"Um, yes it is.. very private.. you mean you're not pissed off at me?" she said with a whoosh of air from her lungs. Suddenly her scared-shitless cock started to tingle a bit in her panties.. hmmmm! ' was fucking my mouth and the other was fucking my ass..' kept running through her mind.. what a picture..! She started getting hard!"Oh no.. not pissed off.. but I love to be pissed on.. but we can do that later.. might I get under your desk for that pen you just dropped?" Jim grinned, holding up a pen and intentionally dropping it on the floor!"Ouuuu Honey... please.. be my guest!" Olivia toples preteen pictures grinned! This was going to turn out allllll right! Jim dove under the desk as Olivia spread her legs. Damn.. why didn't she wear her crotchless panties today? She'd contemplated it but didn't.. "Oouuuu Jimmy honey.. ouuuu fuck!" she moaned as she felt Jim's face between her spread legs, licking her cum-spotted panties over her thickening cock! He gripped her panty waistband with his teeth and started tugging, moaning, "Help me honey.. gotta get to it quick..!" and she reached down and helped him tug down her panties and she stepped out of one leghole, giving him access! She moaned as his hand slid enticingly up and down her cock, getting her rock hard, then she gasped as she felt his hot mouth capture it and started sucking on it! "Ouuu baby.. lemme get Jason in here.. " she moaned, lighting up the intercom. Moments later Jason walked in, turned and locked the door, and slid under Jim's frame who was on his knees, now to the side of the desk, his mouth working Olivia's cock like a pro! Jason unzipped Jim's pants to encounter panties and garterbelt and stockings, pulling his panties aside and taking his flaming cock in his mouth! "Ohhh fuck, baby..." Olivia groaned, sliding off the chair onto the ample floor to stretch out, reaching for Jason's cock to suck on completing the daisy chain! Jim sucked her cock for all he was worth, fingering her ass and tugging on her balls until he was rewarded with a big mouithful of cum! Just pre teen vouyer as mom preteen sex she shot pink preteen model into his mouth he tensed and filled Jason's mouth with his and Jason likewise filled Olivia's mouth! She'd just sucked off Mr. Jenkins to get him to do business with the bank, so that was at least 3 loads muscled preteens naked she'd swallowed that day! Yummy!Ron walked out of the bank.. I should say Ron Jenkins walked out of the bank, knowing he'd do business with them for Pat and Patty's new cars he was going to buy them! After the fucking his dad had given him he couldn't help but get hard young preteens galleries remembering it, and it wasn't lost on Olivia either. He'd met her in a bar and they'd gone out to his van a couple weeks earlier and sucked each other, and she invited him to her bank, so as soon as the door closed she was on her knees, her cock out of her panties stroking it with one hand as her other hand guided his cock to her hot cocksucking lips! He came quickly, they got the figures finalized and he was on his way home!Ron was going to call ahead and find out what the kids wanted for dinner as his wife was gone on a trip for 3 days, but decided against it.. what kid wouldn't want pizza? He stopped and picked up three large pizzas knowing they'd probably have company there, even though they weren't supposed to, kids will be kids and they're old enough to be responsible; after all they were away in college most the year anyways!Yup, sure enough, he pulled up and there was 2 extra cars in the driveway. He got out, balancing the pizzas and carefully opened the front door so he didn't drop them to the sounds of gasps! On the couch was Patty with Julie between her legs fucking her ass with his wife's dildo while his son Pat was 69'ing with another male he knew as Jan, the two slurping on each other's cocks noisily, but not quite drowning out the sound of Julie eating his daughter's cunt! OMG what a scene!"I brought pizzas if y'all aren't too busy eating out each other!" Ron grinned, setting them down."OH FUCK!" Julie and Jan said almost simultaneously, backing off from his two siblings. Pattie laughed and pulled her head back to her juicy cunt while Pat thrust his cock at Jan's mouth, moaning, "C'mon baby I'm gonna cum.. daddy knows we just fucked him before you guys came! Keep sucking!""that's ok, Jan, I'll fill in for you!" Ron grinned, getting on his knees and slurping his son't cock deep into his mouth! "Here, suck his balls and lick his asshole!" he moaned, guiding Jan to his backside."Oh fucking wow!" Jan moaned, tonguing Pat's asshole while tugging on Ron's zipper. "May I see your cock, sir?" he begged. "Oh fuck yeah.." Ron moaned, then went back sucking his son's cock with wild abandon as he helped Jan pull down his pants, exposing his panties, stockings and garterbelt and pull his leaking cartoon preteens naked cock from his panties! Jan wrapped his hand around it, softly stroking him while he dug his tongue deep up Pat's asshole! "Don't call me sir... anything but sir.. how about pantyslut honey?" he giggled, returning the groping and shivering as Jan stroked his thick hard cock!"Oouuu fuck yes... Pat and Pattie you're dad's cool!" Jan moaned as he arched his back, feeling Ron's hand draw his own cock out of his panties and stroke him while he sucked off Pat's cock deep in his mouth!"Here... let's regroup... Jan, you fuck Pat's ass and I'll fuck your's.. Pattie.. fuck me with your dildo there while Julie eats your hot cunt!" he moaned, slowly working the head of his cock up Jan's asshole!Jim got back from the bank, his cock deflated. But, he looked forward to their cookout that night, just the three of them and in the hottub afterwards! He knew how exhilarating the hot tub could be, his cock starting to get hard just thinking about it! He stopped at his favorite butcher shop and Frank, the owner, was there."Hey Frank, how's your meat? " Jim asked, knowing full well what the usual status of Frank's meat wasss.. hard and horny! "Hey Jim, wanna find out?" Jim said, leering at him! "Sure!" Jim smiled; he'd love a mouthful of cum!"Cum with me.." then whispered in his ear, smiling, "I"m gonna fuck your mouth like a slut..""Ouuu Honey, promise?" Jim whispered back. Frank opened his office door, they stepped in and as Jim turned to lock the door he felt Frank grind his cock into his ass! He turned, the two embracing, mouths meeting and tongues dueling! "Ouuuu baby it's been too long!" and kissed down Frank's neck as Frank stepped out of his pants, slid on his heels and pirouetted, showing off his sexy panties, garterbelt and stockings!"Mmmmm how about you?" Frank giggled, tugging at Jim's belt. He slid down his pants to reveal his wet panties and his garterbelt and stockings too! "Ahhh Jimmy, I see you haven't changed.. neither have I!" and pushed down on Jim's shoulders.. he didn't have to push hard! Jim slithered down his torso and fondled his hard cock in his panties.."Oh yeah baby.. suck me honey.. ouuu honey make me feel good! You know how much I like to get sucked good... ouuuuuuuu!" he sighed as Jimmy started working his cock over with his lips, then looked up at him.."Mmmmm.. I'll suck your meat if I can get some nice steaks.." and started tonguelashing his friend's cockhead furiously!"ouuu yes honey anything you want.. put on more lipstick, I wanna see those fucking slut red lips sucking my fucking cock.. ouu yeah... like that!" Frank groaned, pumping his cock in and out of Jim's hot cocksucking mouth!"I wanna tongue your asshole.." Jim groaned, wrapping his soft fingers around Frank's throbbing hardon and stroking him as he made Frank bend over, exposing his brown bunghole. Jimmy tongued him thoroughly, digging deep into his ass, knowing he'd get him panting!"Oh fuck oh fuck.. oh shitting fuck.. ooh you hot whore boy.. tonguefuck meeeeeeeeeee!" he gasped. "You're gonna make me cum baby.. suck it quick!" and Jimmy left his ass and preteen nn angels guided his cock back into his mouth just in time as Frank started spurting gushers of hot, thick cum down his throat!"Oouu yeah..." Frank groaned, then saw Jim hadn't let go of his cock! "You wanna...?" he asked. Jimmy looked up into his eyes and nodded.. he knew what he wanted Frank to gift pre teen do and so did Frank! Frank sighed and relaxed, waited a preteen african cunts moment and then started pissing in his mouth! Frank sighed, it was sooo good just to release and feel his hot mouth tonguing and licking his cock while he peed! "Oh man, Jim.. you make me feel soo fucking good! Kiss me with it, honey!" Frank sighed, his pissing finished. Jimmy stood up and passed a mouthful to him, the two savoring it, then Frank reached down and felt Jimmy's cock in his panties, but Jimmy demured..."Mmmmm I'd love to but I need to save it for the steak lovers.. they're real meat eaters!" preteen blowjob forum Jimmy quipped as Frank got dressed. Jim followed him into the meatroom and watched as he sliced off two big porterhouse steake, trimmed them up and wrapped preteen pussy 12yo them and handed them to him. At preteens pix xxx the block was his meatcutter who looked more than once at him with a grin; he knew! "Thanks Frank, until next time, maybe we could enjoy a break together!" nodding at his charge."It'd be fine with me!" the cutter said, reaching under his apron and cupping his goodies pointedly."Sure, love to!" Frank grinned broadly, going over to his meatcutter, getting behind him and sliding both hands under his apron and fondling him!"Seeya...!" Jim groaned, ready to start in with the two of them! But he knew it'd have to wait for another day... he was anxious to get home and eat... the steaks and his sons' cocks!"Boys! I'm home! Ready to party?" Jim preteens swimsuit hollered as he entered the house."Well, do we look like we are?" Mark giggled. He and John pounced from behind the livingroom wall, waiting for him as they'd heard the car drive in and the garage door go down, all dressed in bras, panties, stockings, garterbelts, makeup, perfume and wigs!"Ooouuuu Honeys...!" Jim groaned, setting down the steaks, embracing each one and kissing. "Let me get dressed for the occasion.." and took a step towards his bedroom."Oh no, we're ready for you daddy... let us dress you!" John grinned, leading him into the livingroom where they had an outfit all laid out for him! They stripped him, fondling and playing, sucking his nipples as they pulled panties and stockings on him, snapping on his garterbelt, afixing his wig, doing his makeup, getting him into high heels like their's! Their panties were full of hard, drippping cocks, causing precum to leak everywhere!"Now, let's make dinner, ok, preteen glamour nudes boys?" Jim smiled, prancing into the kitchen. He stopped, knowing full well the boys were behind him, the two all over him with their hands and crotches, fondling and rubbing!"Yes, that's it babies.. let's fucking play while we make dinner!" Jim moaned. It was so fucking hot! John started in on the salad, rubbing lettuce leaves on Jim's cock, while Mark peeled potatoes, rubbing the peels down in Jim's panties all over his ass! Jim pulled out the steaks, telling them how he got them for free and massaging both their leaking cocks with the thick slabs of meat, smearing precum all over the steaks! They'd dryfuck each other, feeling in each others' panties, Jim bending down to get the olive oil and smearing some on each boys' panties, the boys rubbing their dad's tits under his bra with blue cheese dressing, licking it off!"Ohhh fuck, boys... dinner is shaping up wonderfully!" Jim sighed, one hand stroking Jeff's cock and the other hand stroking erotc pre teens John's cock while both of them stroked and preteen schoolgirl cams fondled Jim's cock and balls! They went out onto the patio as Jim threw the steaks preteen made porn on the grill, John on his knees sucking his dad's cock as Jeff licked John's asshole. Then as the steaks sizzled, they had a group hug and rubbed olive oil all over each other's lingerie, hands greased and flying all over each others' privates, nipples, asses, cracks and holes!"Shit dad I've almost cummed 3 times, how long before we eat so I can start eating your meat?" Jeff groaned, dry humping his brother's ass and deep kissing his dad with fresh amateur preteens forum lipstick on."Mmmmmmm.. ouuuu honey... so good! Lemme check..." and took a sec to check the xxx preteen pics meat.. it was done medium rare.. just perfect!"Ok guys, time to break it up and sit down and eat.. let's enjoy our meal without gasping for breath.. we can get each other to do that afterwards.. our little special desserts!" Jim groaned, tearing away from both boys to carve up the preteen photos pantyhosed steaks while the boys served up salads, potatoes, macaroni and potato salads, cole slaw and plenty of draft beer from the kegerator!"Burrppp.. " free nudepreteen girls Jim groaned, finishing his plate as the boys did the same. "Fuck that was good, but I gotta piss.. " he moaned, pushing away from the table. "Any takers?" he grinned."Ouuu yes daddy.. I'd love to!" John groaned, sliding to his stocking'ed knees and crawling to his daddy, feeling his dad's growing bulge in his soaked panties, a little piss already leaking out. He mouthed the panties as he bent to his cock, then tore them to the side with his teeth, his dad's semi rigid cock popping out. "Lemme suck it first, then just let go..." John groaned, taking his dad's cock between his lips. He shuddered a bit as he felt Jeff slide under him, capturing his cock in his lips too, repeating the same words!"Ohhh fucking wow..." Jim groaned, his piss starting to flow from his cock down his son's throat! As John tasted his daddy's piss he started pissing in his brother's mouth too! They finished and both got down on Jeff, one sucking down is piss while the other tonguefucked his ass!"Now, lets stimulate a little more.. how about a nice relaxing time in the hot tub?!" Jim suggested."Ok, daddy.. preteen nude asians naked?" John sighed, starting to undo his garterbelt."Oh no, fully dragged up! It'll be fun!" Jim grinned, climbing in, settling on a seat, his panties immersed! "C'mon in!" he motioned, the two boys giggling and climbing in, one on each side of their dad."Ouuuu now doesn't that just take the pain away from the day?" Jim sighed, reaching for his boys' panties, fondling their young, hard penises in their wet panties, sliding his hands up and down them! "Here, stand up and face the wall, feel the jets on your hard cocks!" he sighed. preteens models naked The boys did as he asked, gasping at how good it felt!"Ouuu daddy.. I wanna feel it.. on my.." Jeff groaned, turning around and bending over, pulling his panties aside as he pulled his cheeks apart. The strong, powerful jet slapped constantly on his puckered asshole! "Ouuu Honey!" he moaned as his dad and his brother fingerfucked his ass and stroked his throbbing cock, rubbing his panties all over him!"Here son... let me..." Jim moaned, getting down on his knees, his mouth barely above water, and sucked his son's cock between his lips while his brother fingered his asshole now with three fingers."Uhhghhgghhnn... oh fucking wow... oh fuck.. oh shit.. my holes.. my fucking sex preteens illegal holes... my cock... my ass.. oh fuck I gotta cum!" he moaned, lost in the pleasures, shooting his sperm down his daddy's hot cocksucking throat, then feeling his brother get behind him and shove his hard cock in his well-watered asshole!"Ohh fuck you're hot from all that fucking water, brother!" John groaned, pumping in and out of his panty asshole!Jim swallowed all his son's cum then stood up, pushing his son's face down to his cock. "Suck me honey... ouuuu honey.. yessss.. ouuu.... oh fuck yes.. like that baby.. ouu fuck!" Jim groaned, John's pounding driving Jeff's mouth down on his cock with every thrust, then heard Jeff gasp as he started swallowing his daddy's sperm, gulping and caressing his dad's cock with his hot cocksucking mouth!"Ouuuu Honey.. and preteens bestiality you too Honey.. erotic preteens illegal that was fucking awesome!" Jim groaned, remembering his jerkoff session before... nothing now could compare to this! Well.. at least.. until next time!JanHope you enjoyed, let me know preteens tits photos how much! Please!
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